As Bonnie travels around the globe teaching and judging, she has had some really fun experiences. Here are a few photos so you can share in her fun.

December 2021: Bonnie helps The Carson Center for the Performing Arts as a wardrobe stitcher for the Grinch That Stole Christmas. These are the boot covers for Grandpa that needed to be made larger for Grandpa. So, a couple of pieces of suede-like fabric and a rubbery knee brace, and Bonnie finished the boot covers.

Bonnie joins the Barnum & Bailey Circus... for a day.

Balancing a feather with the circus performers.


Wayne Browning and his favorite CLOWN!


Bonnie is Guest Ringmaster for the night.



Tentmakers of Cairo, Egypt

Applique Art by Atef, Tentmaker of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt - Bonnie purchased this piece.


Another piece of Tentmaker Applique Art that Bonnie purchased.


Bonnie purchasing handmade flutes from the Flutemaker.



Special Quilts - designed by Bonnie

Bonnie made a Giving Quilt Pattern to benefit the Operation Homefront project.



This quilt was designed by Bonnie and stitched by the AQS staff for the Pilgrim/Roy Challenge.

Don't you just love that buttery yellow fabric. I'd been waiting for the right project to put it in.



Special Programs

Bonnie often introduces the speakers and celebrities at AQS QuiltWeek.

This is Ricky Tims at AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah, Kentucky.



Keqiao, China

Making a presentation of Bonnie's Stardust quilt to Mr. Yang at the China International Quilt Festival.

L to R: Mr. Yang, Bonnie, Ann Hammel, Jenny Hu